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Hunan Xiangyan Seed Industry Co., Ltd.(Biji Peppera), cabangna nyekel Yuan Longping High-Tech Tatanén Co., Ltd, ngadeg di 1988 kalawan ibukota didaptarkeun 5 juta USD. Éta mangrupikeun perusahaan industrialisasi tatanén propinsi anu fokus dina beternak, produksi, pamekaran sareng penjualan variétas sayuran énggal, utamina fokus kana variétas cabé panas.

Markas anyar parusahaan ', lokasina di villiage Longwangmiao, Chunhua kota Changsha county diadegkeun dina 2014 kalawan wewengkon konstruksi 4290 méter pasagi nu incorporate wangunan umum dimodernisasi kaasup kamar tiis gudang, gudang, Unit processing, kontrol kualitas, R&D jeung bisnis resmi.

The company is committed to commercial breeding system with strong breeding team. Meanwhile, the company built R&D stations and demonstration stations in different ecological regions of China such as Hunan, Hainan, Guangdong, Yunnan, Henan, Shandong, Shanxi and etc. and released more than 200 new varieties of hot pepper, eggplant, cucumber, pumpkin, bitter gourd, sponge gourd, yard long bean, pakchoi and other vegetables and awarded more than 40 items of scientific and technological achievements at different levels. The company established sound marketing network nationwide and cooperated with above 10 Southeast Asia countries in R&D and variety development. The breeding strength and market share of hot pepper of Hunan Xiangyan Seed Industry Co.,Ltd is top 1 in Chinese vegetable seed market.

The company acquired vegetable seed import & export qualification, as well as member of Asia and Pacific Seed Association(APSA), Vice-president enterprise of China Seed Association Vegetable Branch, Vice-Council enterprise of strategic alliance of standardized technology innovation of China hot pepper industry, first batch of AAA credit example enterprises of China Seed Industry, key credit enterprise of China vegetable industry. The registered trademark ”Xiangyan” was awarded as Chinese Famous Trademark.

The company uphold honesty, science & technology, growers and hard work as its core values, striving to be a remarkable vegetable seed company in China. It takes good advantages of brand and R&D strength to bring substantial profits to the distributors, farmers, stockholders and staffs and to create colorful vegetable varieties for consumers.


1988, the first hybrid pepper variety, named “Xiangyan No.1” , was initiated.
1991,  “Xiangyan” brand registered in China.
1996, Xiangyan series of hot pepper possessed the largest planting areas in the world and market share reached up to 70% in China with sales quantities of 800 tons, sales revenue of more than 9 million USD and profit of 5.5 million USD of hot pepper seeds.
1997,  “Xiangyan” was awarded as Hunan famous brand.
1999, integrated the sound sales revenue and profit of Xiangyan company with the brand reputation of Pro. Yuan Longping, Yuang Longping Agriculture High Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded and listed in 2000.
2006, authorized as “New & High Technology” enterprise in Hunan province.
2006, acquired seed Import & Export permit.
2010, "Xiangyan" was awarded as "China Famous Brand" which was the first title in the Chinese vegetable seed industry.
2016, rewarded as the Key Enterprise of Chinese vegetable seed industry.
2020, rewarded as Leading Enterprise of Agriculture industrialization in Hunan province.
2020, Mitsui held 30.4% shares of Xiangyan Company.
2021, cooperated with Hunan Agricultural University on innovation, identification and screening of germplasm resources, varieties selecting and breeding, green and effective cultivation technology and talents training of hot pepper.


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Honors & Certificate

  • Hunan Famous Trademark
  • China Famous Trademark
  • Key Leading Enterprise of Agriculture Industrialization
  • Hunan Engineering Research Center
  • Science Popularization Base of Hunan Province
  • Certificate of Enterprise Credit Grade
  • Credit Key Enterprises of China Vegetable Seed Industry
  • Gold Prize for Xianla 7 Hot pepper
  • Gold Prize for Xianla 4 Hot Pepper
  • Vice president unit of China Seed Association Vegetable Seed Branch
  • Membership of China Vegetable Association
  • Vice President Unit of China Seed Association Vegetable Seed Branch